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class schedule

Class Level Teacher
10:15-11:15am Hatha All Ian
11:15-11:30am Optional Short Meditation following Hatha class All Ian
6:00-7:00pm Gentle Yoga All Zhanna
(Sun Room)
Slow Flow All Zhanna
7:15-8:30pm Prenatal Series* Contact Elise Elise
10:00-11:00am Basic Hatha All Lori
6:00-7:00pm Vinyasa 1+ Marianne
(Sun Room)
HypnoBirthing Series* Contact Danielle Danielle
7:15-8:15pm Basic Hatha All Marianne
(Sun Room)
Gentle All Rob
10:15-11:15am Basic/Sun Salutes All Lori
6:00-7:00pm Light Vinyasa 1+ Ian
7:15-8:15pm Hatha All Ian
10:00-11:00am (new) Yoga Barre All Dawna
10:00-11:00am Hatha & Hips All Juli
6:00-7:00pm Gentle Yoga All Barb
7:15-8:15pm Beginner Yoga All Barb
6:30-7:30am Morning Yoga All Gary
10:15-11:15am Healthy Backs 1-2 Ian
6:00-7:00pm Gentle/Restorative All Gary
9:00-10:00am Light Vinyasa/Hatha All Marianne
10:15-11:15am Basic Hatha All Marianne
12:00pm-1:30pm March 25th Rythmic Yoga All - Reserve Your Spot! $15 with advanced reservation/ $20 Walk-in 734-968-4711 Zhanna
3:00-4:00pm Hatha All Marianne
10:15-11:15am Hatha All Ian
3:00-4:00pm Beginners Series All Gary
7:15-8:15pm Gentle/Restorative All Anna

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Important - Always practice at your own level of ability, respecting limitations. Rest when you need to and avoid straining or pushing in the poses. The benefits of yoga come from gentle and consistent practice with awareness.
Class Cancellations - If LIvonia Schools are cancelled due to inclement weather, Livonia Yoga Center's classes will also be cancelled that same morning.  Class schedule is subject to change and classes are subject to substitution without notice.
Private Lessons are available by arrangement to anyone who may prefer to learn the basics before entering a group class or desires to deepen his or her practice.
class descriptions

Overview "What class is best for me?", is our most frequently asked question! We strongly recommend a conservative and safe approach in beginning the practice of yoga. Our Gentle, Basic Hatha, Restorative, Candlelight classes are a good fit for beginners (and advanced practitioners too). Please let the teacher know of any special considerations in your practice (e.g. shoulder injuries, surgeries, etc..) Yoga is very inclusive - there are many ways to still practice yoga by modifying poses to meet your needs, while respecting your body and not experiencing pain. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions; we want you to be comfortable!

Special! Rythmic Yoga with Zhanna on Saturday, March 25. 12:00 PM - 1:30 PM- Zhanna offers any and all, the opportunity comfortably begin their yoga practice "from scratch". Please join us in this safe and nurturing environment to explore fundamental components of yoga. Even if you have been practicing yoga for years, it never hurts to review the basics! Space is limited. $15 early reserve; $20 at the door. Please reserve your spot by calling/texting Zhanna at 734-968-4711, or emailing at zfitnessfriends@yahoo.com

Beginner Yoga- Great way to begin your yoga adventure, if 3:00 pm on Sundays works well with your schedule! This class has all the nuts and bolts of what makes practicing yoga more than just a glorified stretching session. Beginner Yoga gives the pracitioner an opportunity to get more feedback on aspects of yoga with an optional fifteen minute session after the class to address areas of interest or personal concern.

Basic (Hatha) - Yoga asanas (postures) are practiced with an emphasis on proper alignment and strengthening the body. Poses build one upon the next in a sequence, gently stretching muscles and connective tissue throughout the body. Balance, breath work and relaxation are included in each session. When practiced consistently, Hatha yields a more supple body, looser joints, a sense of calmness and clarity and, ultimately, a more thoughtful life. Entry Level Class
Gentle - A series of soft and nurturing poses allowing one the opportunity to surrender to the breath, and bring stillness to the mind. Entry Level Class.
Yoga Barre - Yoga fused with toning exercise. Using the principles of low weights/high reps, this class will sculpt your abs, arms thighs and glutes. Your results: increased muscular endurance, AND tighter abs, behind and arms. Perfect for all levels.
Prenatal Yoga Series*- Yoga offering expecting moms, and those is the process of conceiving a supportive environment to maintain their well-being. Movements and sequences will work on strength, flexibility, relaxation and mindfulness. Pre-registration is necessary by contacting Elise: elise(at)elisebowerman.com Visit: www.elisebowerman.com
HypnoBirthing Series*- Danielle presents a beautiful and easy-to-learn childbirth method which combines relaxation, breathing and visualization techniques to ease pain and empower women to release fear and build confidence. 5 weeks series. Pre-registration is necessary by contacting Danielle: motorcitybirthservices(at)gmail.com Visit: www.hypnobirthingwithdaniellewhaley.com
Variations - You will notice classes with specialized names, Healthy Hips, Healthy Backs, Restorative, Candlelight, Sun Salutes, etc... All of these classes are Hatha yoga classes; the descriptive name relates where emphasis is placed.
Vinyasa - Hatha asanas integrated with breath and movement. Vinyasa referring to a prescribed series of movements used as transitions between asanas. Vinyasa provides more heat building and vigor to the practice and leaves one feeling energized, relaxed and focused.

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